Souda Syrian Egyptian Exhibition for classic and antique furniture

The exhibition (Soda Syrian Egyptian Classic Furniture and Antiques) invites you to visit the exhibition to have an idea about everything new in the world of high-end furniture (classic and antique)
Where distinction is sophistication, diversity and uniqueness, and this is what we always seek through a heritage touch that links the luxury of the past with the elegance of the present
Our furniture is made in an amazing, exciting and unconventional way at a price that suits your capabilities and the variety of your modern designs requests
It is an honor for us to accept our invitation to view our furniture and furnishings and to visit our site

Eng. Alaa Soudah

Our goals

We can be a leader in classic and antique furniture.

Provide a ton of furniture for each house and staff.

Meet the needs of classic and antique hiccups.

Upgrading the general taste in the field of furniture and decoration in all furniture gathering forums
Providing distinguished classic and antique furniture to all lovers who work in the field of decoration and acquisition lovers through our various outlets


Dear visitor, the most important thing we work on is to provide everything we need in terms of variety, quality and price that suit your designs in the aim of creativity and that suit all tastes, which makes you have enough space to employ pieces of furniture wherever you want, so your complete satisfaction is the most important thing for us.

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